New Office Design set to Boost Workers’ Wellbeing and Partnership’s Productivity

Workers in Slough are settling into new office space, designed to boost their collaborative working and sense of wellbeing, and ultimately ensure a top-notch housing service for local residents.

The new office intended by Osborne Communities and Slough Borough Council to demonstrate their commitment to ensuring the success of their new seven-year partnership to provide repairs, maintenance and investment services for the local authority’s 7,000 homes.

Together, they have overhauled their shared partnership hub on Heron Drive in Slough, creating an environment that promotes the health and happiness of 150 employees and ensures they are fully supported to meet the needs of Slough Borough Council housing residents.

The new facilities include:
– Collaboration Booths
– Leisure break out areas
– A Wellness Room
– A Prayer Room
– Electric vehicle charging points to support Osborne Communities’ fleet of electric vans

Research by accountancy firm PWC*, published in July last year, revealed that 83% of UK workers feel their wellbeing influences their productivity. While the Centre for Mental Health estimates that poor mental health amongst the UK workforce costs the nation’s employers £26 billion** annually.

Osborne Communities and Slough Borough Council’s shared 14,112 sq ft office, incorporates features designed to eliminate the elements of working environments that contribute to stress, mental health problems, low attendance rates and high staff turnover. The aim is for this positive workplace to lead to a better, more consistent service for Slough residents.

Completed earlier this month, the transformed space was designed by London-based office design specialists Workplace Creations, which focused on delivering an environment that enabled teams to share ideas.

The office incorporates break-out areas, which enable employees to get away from their desks and work in partnership with their colleagues, while collaboration booths provide relaxing places for more informal discussions.  A design element also incorporates a hub for local residents’ events and scrutiny groups.

Ergonomic chairs ensure our people are comfortable at their desks, but the new office – which is full of light from its many windows and has been painted in bright, active colours – has been designed to encourage employees to get up and take regular breaks.

A Prayer Room has been incorporated to make it easy for employees to practice their religions; while a leisure room, including comfy chairs and games consoles, is somewhere staff members can socialise and relax.

Carol Bailey, managing director of Osborne Property Services, part of Osborne Communities, said:

“Osborne’s contract with Slough Borough Council went live just four months ago, and we’ve already become truly embedded in the borough.

“At our newly designed office space, Osborne Communities employees are working side-by-side with Slough Borough Council employees to shape and deliver excellent services to the local authority’s residents and members of the wider community.”

John Griffiths, neighbourhood services lead at Slough Borough Council, said:

“Together, Slough Borough Council and Osborne Communities are committed to providing secure, good-quality, safe and affordable homes to the people of Slough. Both organisations believe in investing in their people, and this new office is the ideal environment for us to work in partnership, on behalf of our residents.”

Ross Wilkinson, creative director at Workplace Creations, said:

“Workplace Creations was asked to provide Osborne Communities and Slough Borough Council employees with an environment that would maximise opportunities to work together as one team. We’re sure they’ll make good use of their new, bright, open-plan space.”