Osborne Receive Praise for Engaging with Suffolk Stakeholders

As resurfacing work on the A14 Junction 40 to 43 near Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk continues, the Osborne team have been the subject of great feedback.

The Osborne team have been praised for their exceptional stakeholder engagement to ensure the safety of all road users. The feedback said:

“I would like to pass on my sincere thanks to all involved in the works last night. As we were driving through the site maintaining the Lay-by closures we came across damage that was located at the start of the concrete work area, so not actually sure it’s within the allocated works.  However, due to the severe nature of the damage and concerns to the safety of the public I raised my concerns with the TSCO.  So often I hear “that’s not our job / problem / work area etc.”  But without hesitation The TSCO contacted the Osborne Site Supervisor, who then allocated resources and made the location safe before we re-opened the road.  Without wanting to be over dramatic, this damage could have caused a severe accident, and while we all know the A14 is in a poor state I’m glad we didn’t just overlook this as “not our problem”.  Thanks again to all.”

These resurfacing works include the Osborne team undertaking a 9pm to 5am overnight shift which sees approximately 280 tonnes of material being removed and laid.

The Osborne team, through collaboration with their supply chain partners, careful planning, material selection and optimizing resourcing, along with end-of-shift reviews, have delivered an average 560 tonnes per shift and, on at least two nights, has reached between 600 and 620 tonnes.  In terms of distance, that is around 450 metres per night.