Osborne takes part in CECA Stop. Make a Change 2018

Osborne will join other organisations from across the UK to take part in a national initiative targeting health, safety and wellbeing in our industry.

The CECA Stop. Make  a Change 2018 will focus on two key issues, these are: Mental Health and Wellbeing and Plant Safety.

These areas can impact largely on people working within our industry and the aim of the campaign is to raise awareness on both topics and collectively make a change for the better.

Sessions will be held on sites across the company to find out more about what mental health is all about  and how we can spot the signs, where people need help and assist colleagues who may need to seek  professional support.

Other sessions will also be held to discuss Plant Safety. On site were plant is in use, we are planning to immobilise and stand down the equipment. This give us the opportunity to encourage non plant users to explore the plant to give a better understanding of the operators eye view and see the potential blindspots and the challenges they face.

Please look out for events near you, over the next two weeks, and take the time to STOP make a change!

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