Osborne goes Mobile with Highways England Exhibition Centre

Osborne employees joined Highways England’s mobile exhibition centre for a week, recently. They visited locations in Suffolk and Essex, and meet members of the public and talk to them about the Capital Delivery Framework (Package K).

The exhibition visited Braintree, Capel St Mary, Ipswich amongst other locations and was visited by residents, businesses and councillors alike to discuss the upcoming schemes.

Package K consists of six schemes designed by Bristol-based consultant WSP, along with seven structures schemes being prepared with Jacobs from Packages F and G, valued at £7m.  All of these schemes will take place on the A12, A14 and A120 between Braintree, Bury St Edmunds, Colchester and Harwich in Suffolk and Essex.

Visitors were invited to find out about the works which include resurfacing, road marking renewal, structural refurbishment and waterproofing, and technology schemes and how they will be delivered.  The views, suggestions and concerns raised have been taken away to consider improved ways of implementing these projects.

Efforts are already underway to begin delivering these works in May with completion of the final scheme due early in 2019.