Osborne Hosts STOP Think! Leaders Day

Osborne is hosting a Leaders day this week, at Denbies Vineyard in Dorking, to act as a refresher and to engage with the leaders from across the Infrastructure business, our customers, including Highways England and Network Rail as well as supply chain partners.

Following the Leaders days, we will deliver an extensive programme of STOP Think! refreshers, following on from previous workshops which Osborne have been running since 2013.

The STOP Think! Leader’s Day will act as a refresher and offer the attendees a better understanding of the wider Osborne business. It will also focus on enhancing skills such as communication, influencing, delivering more powerful briefings and inductions.

Mick Reeves, STOP Think! Group Lead at Osborne said;
“STOP Think! is not a safety course, its about helping people make better decisions, both at work and at home.”

Osborne is a learning organisation, which means we are committed to sharing lessons from any incidents and being honest about root causes and mistakes. We are determined that all of our people, subcontractors and partners go home safe and unharmed every day. The cultural programme we have built around these objectives was carefully named: STOP Think!

STOP Think! Two simple words that help our people maintain safe working and good decision making, keeping that at the forefront of their minds at all times.
As part of our commitment to being a learning organisation, we produce STOP Think! bulletins which we share freely with our people, partners and customers.