Communications in Action

Stakeholders are typically those affected by our work.  When it comes to roadworks, many can be identified and contacted with relative ease, such as local authorities, emergency services, businesses parks and residents.  Some, however, are another matter entirely.

Road users are an elusive audience.  Whether people are making local journeys or simply passing through – regularly or one-off – is something of a mystery.  We use on-road signs, including variable message signs, to advise drivers when works are taking place.

In addition to contacting the usual stakeholders, the Capital Delivery Framework team has been using a simple system for Highways England schemes in Essex and Suffolk by issuing a weekly bulletin emailed to an ever-growing list of subscribers.  These 250+ subscribers share the information with their own audiences, notifying them of planned closures and diversion routes.

Feedback received has included:

“This PDF is awesome for us as a haulage company. I print it off  and slip it in with the drivers notes overnight on a Sunday night and they all know what they can expect for this coming week. Brilliant.”Many thanks, Andy Proctor, Night Shift Supervisor, Logistic Planning Services.