Sharing Virtual Reality

Network Rail and Osborne recently ran a STEM day at Reach Academy in Feltham.

This was designed to encourage females to consider a career in engineering, at the same time as introducing the work Osborne do. The students will be seeing a lot of Osborne in their local area of Feltham over the next 20 months, as they will be closing Feltham West Level Crossing and building platform extensions.

Osborne were invited to showcase their  design solution with the Virtual Reality (VR)  set up to help students understand and get a feel for what goes in to the design and development of a scheme. It would also show what the outputs are, how this looks and how the construction industry is starting to use different technologies to identify and resolve on-going infrastructure issues.

Lindsey Tien from Network Rail said: “As part of the day, the pupils had to work as a team on a project to increase capacity at Feltham and close the level crossing. They then had to present their project to “The Investment Panel” and were challenged on their proposals. As part of the workshop we showed the pupils the plans for Feltham which included an opportunity to use the VR headset that Dominic Lowry, from Osborne, had kindly brought along so that the pupils could really see and feel what Feltham station will look like in two years’ time. This element stole the show and even the teachers were itching to get a chance to use it! Overall the day was a success and we’ve had requests from some of the pupils to undertake work experience with us in the near future!”

Dominic Lowry,  Technology Improvement Manager at Osborne said: “Being invited to partake in these opportunities puts Osborne at the heart of being the trusted advisor to our customer and working with them to ensure the future of our industry.”