Successful Surrey Bridge Replacement

Well done to the Osborne Infrastructure team, who have successfully replaced a deteriorating brick arch bridge in just 70 hours,  over a railway near the village of Compton, Surrey with a precast concrete structure.

The bridge has come to the end of its serviceable life after around 160 years and required replacing. The team has carried out this work on behalf of their customer, Network Rail as part of the CP5 Wessex Framework alliance (One Team Wessex).

The site was prepped to allow the use of a 500 tonne Crawler Crane which was used to lift 11 different concrete pieces in to place.

Stuart Davies from Network Rail said; “Thank you for your efforts in planning and delivering Compton Road Bridge Replacement at the weekend. You faced a few challenges within the last few weeks but showed tremendous tenacity to ensure we got the scheme over the line, safely. Your efforts have removed bridge from our network, replacing it with infrastructure that will serve the local community for some time.”