Two Contracts, One Shared Goal

“Last month my role at Osborne expanded – I’m now responsible for not one, but two of Osborne Communities term contracts, and I’m already seeing the benefits of working across two teams.

As an organisation, Osborne is completely committed to continuous improvement, and making the changes that lead to positive outcomes. Just a few weeks in, I’m already able to see how it’s going to be possible to share best practice between the two contracts.

My role as Regional Account Director for Osborne’s total asset management contract with Dacorum Borough Council in Hertfordshire, which involves us looking after 10,500 homes across the borough, continues; however, I’m now also heading up our 12,500-home repairs and maintenance contract with Waltham Forest Council in London.

In total, Osborne Communities maintains 60,000 homes across London and the South East and we work hard to make sure that individual contract teams feel part of the organisation as a whole.
Having one Regional Account Director looking after two teams that are 40 miles apart is one way to ensure they are not operating in isolation.

My plan is to bring the senior management teams for each of the contracts together, so they can gain different perspectives and take learning’s from one another’s experiences.
Each team is full of people with different personalities and skillsets – now each individual’s knowledge can more readily be put to use outside of their own contract area.
From my point-of-view, it will be far easier to spot strengths and weaknesses, and to make sure that strengths are replicated and weaknesses are worked out.
Ultimately, it will be our customers who benefit from bringing together the wealth of skills and expertise we have between the two contracts. I predict that they will see the day-to-day delivery of our services improve as a result.”

James Quy, Senior Account Director, Osborne