Osborne carries out Highways England Surveys

Osborne have been busy over the last six months carrying out the first of the intrusive surveys on behalf of Highway England in the north of England as part of our national framework to deliver this type of scheme.

The schemes are necessary  to provide design information to allow future major projects on the A1 in Northumberland and A57/A628 Trans Pennine Upgrade to proceed.

The works involved ground investigation in the form of boreholes and trial pits,  Pavement surveys (Coring / GPR / FWD) , drainage surveys and provision of traffic Management.

The locations of these works can be challenging logistically as the locations can vary from rural locations (farmers fields) , residential areas or on existing A roads and Motorways. This has meant high level of engagement with local stakeholders and dealing with severe weather conditions during the surveys.

The initial packages of work are worth in the region of £2 million pounds and there are additional packages of work to be carried out over the summer and autumn months on both schemes.

A comment from local resident said:
“We would also comment on the conduct of your contractors , which has been exemplary. We have found them to be polite , considerate and extremely approachable whilst carrying out their difficult task.”