Winchester Work Experience

Osborne has been working closely with Osborne School in Winchester, which teaches young people with special educational needs.

Osborne are supporting their work experience programme. The work experience programme provides pupils with a broad and exciting range of opportunities to give them a flavour of how the working world operates. This work experience is tailored to their individual needs and abilities.

Last week, the Osborne team spent two days with a group of young people who would soon be leaving for college.

Day one focused on safety- particularly on construction sites- this was followed by a talk on employability skills and work behaviours. More hands on practical skills followed in the afternoon, as the students set to task to make a selection of small bird habitat boxes, with the young people making enough nesting boxes for each student to proudly take one home each with two spare to present/gift to the site team the next day.

Day two saw the small group visiting the Winchester University site where Project Manager Graham Burrows, Site Manager Martin and Kirsty Dunne from the SHE team organised a brief induction, visual presentation and a tour of the site.  Students became ‘slingers’, directing a crane via talkie’s to pick up and delivering materials around site.

It’s not often that young people get an opportunity to visit an active construction site.

Regardless of any future career path or volunteering, or further education, this level of exposure and engagement for the young people provides huge benefits in terms of the working environments.

Well done to everyone involved who supported and volunteered to make a difference.