Workplace Tour and Tips Benefits Local Students

Local students benefited from insights and employability tips as Osborne and Slough Borough Council hosted its first workplace tour and employment skills workshop at their Hawker House office.

Last December, Osborne Communities started a contract with the Council for planned works and repairs to over 6,000 homes, central to which is a commitment to providing education, employment and skills opportunities for local people.

The year 10 students from Churchmead Secondary School received a fun and interactive day, including an introduction to the partnership followed by a tour of the co-located offices, where they were able to meet staff and find out about their roles and day-to-day activities.

The students gained insight to all departments from customer experience to planned works and meeting skilled operatives. To showcase the collaboration between Osborne and the council, students were introduced to the various housing departments within Slough Borough Council- providing a great insight into the work they do and how they work efficiently together to resolve any issues faced by residents.

After the tour an employability workshop focused on apprenticeships, with Osborne’s Compliance Director, Simon Holmes, speaking passionately about his own experiences after starting his career as an apprentice.

Osborne Community Investment Co-ordinator Kasmine Moses then gave an overview on cover letters, what they are, how they should be structured and what information should be included.

Arjumand Rafiq, Area Co-ordinator at Adviza, who helped arrange the visit said: “It was a successful day with great insight to the world of work. I felt that the students took a lot away with them not just in regards to what the expectations are of a work place but also the positive vibe that everyone from John Griffith (Head of Neighbourhood Services, Slough Borough Council) to the call centre staff gave to us all, it was great to hear about their respective journeys to their current roles.”