Safia Wins Promising Award

Well done to Safia Whitwham who has won the “One to Watch for Young Professionals” award.

This award is designed to recognise and reward the most accomplished and promising young professional, who has greatly contributed to the profession in the last 12 months.

A judging panel of senior ICE representatives looked for entries that clearly demonstrated how the individual has: Developed innovative practices or ways of working that have had a tangible effect on the industry; Sought to develop and promote a culture of fairness and inclusion within their organisation; Demonstrated integrity and professionalism in their employment and voluntary activities; and used their enthusiasm to inspire and motivate others; Promoted civil engineering to the general public, young people and or other professionals.

Safia said of her award;
“I feel honoured to have won this award in recognition of the work I have been doing. I hope that it demonstrates to people that no matter how early it is in your career you have the power to drive change in the industry.

Being extremely passionate about my job, I am committed to tackling the issues the engineering industry faces.
With the looming skills shortage I have led on an initiative to increase the number of apprentices within the business. Having developed a partnership with the local college, by organising a site visit for 50 students, I then worked with my site team to open up a placement opportunity. The success of this has led to the offer of 2 apprenticeships to students of this college; commencing in September.

This year, as Chair of the Institution of Civil Engineers London Graduate and Students Committee, I am proud to have led a team that have delivered a wide range of new events that have celebrated diversity and promoted inclusivity.

I believe Civil Engineering is fantastic career; each day is different and you are constantly challenged. I hope not only that I can inspire others to join the industry, but that I can ensure that it is a great place for everyone to work. Designing and building infrastructure has a huge impact on people’s lives; it is a job where you can really make a difference and that is why I love it.”