Shared Learning Aids Bridge Replacement

Recently the Osborne Infrastructure team successfully replaced a deteriorating brick arch bridge in just 70 hours, over the railway near the village of Compton in Surrey, with a precast concrete structure.

The bridge had come to the end of its serviceable life after around 160 years and required replacing. The team has carried out this work on behalf of their customer, Network Rail.

To provide an efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution for their customer Network Rail, Osborne adopted a standard design using the ‘Conarch’ system. This solution was developed in 2010 and has the benefit of an arched rather than a utilitarian flat profile, and also all the components including the parapets can be pre-fabricated off-site saving time and money, during a rail closure. Lessons learnt from previous uses of the system, including in Scotland, were benefitted from and 3D digital visualisations used to assist work planning and briefings.

Osborne celebrated further success for their work at Compton Road Bridge as they scooped a Silver Site award.

Route to Gold is a performance measurement initiative which aims to promote collaborative working behaviours, reduce re-work costs and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry. Network Rail scores their supply chain on the quality of product delivery, on project management and the behaviours associated with these.