Caring Minor Works Team

Two caring operatives from the Minor Works team, at OsborneĀ faced a challenging situation recently when they managed to prevent a young man from taking his own life.

Darren Lawler and Jamie Warner were on the night shift as they arrived outside Honor Oak Park Station, London. It quickly transpired that a man had jumped the fence on the bridge and was saying he was going to jump.

Quick to act, Jamie kept the distressed individual talking while Darren called the police, eventually Jamie convinced him to climb back over the fence to safety and calm him down.

In a separate incident a few days later, Sam Clusker also a Minor Works Operative, found himself in a similar situation; “I was attending a job at Burgess Hill, when a woman jumped down in the four foot (the space between the rails the trains run on).

“I said to her she needs to get out of the track now! I had to pull her up back onto the platform. She was insisting she goes back into the track to end it all. Also mentioning she’d left a note for her mother about what she was going to do. I had to keep hold of her and talk to her to calm things down. I made my way down to station staff at the ticket barriers with her, they helped me calm her down. Station staff called the police and had to restrain her.”

A huge thank you to Jamie, Darren and Sam who fully demonstrated the Osborne value of Caring and went above and beyond to make someone safe.