It’s a Bugs Life

“We know our projects have an impact on the environment and at our project at Solum Walthamstow, we recognised we could make a difference locally by offering bee and bug hotels to nearby schools and organisations.

Our first bug and bee hotel was requested by a teacher from Willow Brook Primary School who spotted our poster outside our site.

Along with Gabriel Marty, Site Manager, we donated and built the hotel from recycled site materials including pallets, bricks and plastic pipes to fill the gaps, as well as using twigs, pine cones and rocks we collected.

This hotel was a practice run for us as we will be donating a second hotel once the pupils are back from their summer break in September. This will give the children an opportunity to help build their own bee and bug hotel and to learn all about the importance of providing nature with a home.

We have also been invited to be involved in a very exciting project that takes place in November. Willow Brook Primary School has been successful in a ballot to receive 420 saplings from the Woodland Trust. The school has secured an agreement in principle from senior officials at Waltham Forest Council to plant the saplings as part of the Jubilee Wood Project which began in 2016.”

by Eline Prud’Homme, Design Coordinator for Construction at Osborne.