Improving Traffic Management Visibility

The Osborne team at Gade Valley are currently trialling illuminated road signs as an initiative to improve the visibility of traffic management and in particular at works access points.

The action to help improve the visibility to works access points was a topic which was discussed regularly in the Traffic Management Working Group.

Osborne attended  “Traffex” this year, and  they were very interested to see that Morelock Signs had on display an illuminated “Road Closed” sign.

Through contacting Morelock we have been able to acquire two sets of back-lit signs for works access that are currently being trialled on our Gade Valley Joint Replacement Scheme.

With the assistance of Chevron, we installed various permutations of access signs within one closure of the works:-

• A standard works access, with Nissan barrier installed at the back of the works access.
• A diamond grade works access.
• The illuminated works access.
• Signs were also installed in lit and unlit areas.

Footage taken from the trial was shared at the Traffic Management Working Group, and clearly demonstrated that the illuminated signage is more visible from a greater distance on the approach.  When driving through both the lit and unlit sections, it was clear from a long way out where the access was, leaving no question about at what point it was in the closure.

Increased visibility of access signage could have enormous safety benefits for contractors, delivery drivers, and all other people required to enter the closure, reducing the risk of works access’s being missed and people pulling in through the cones.

Increased visibility for the driving public could also reduce Traffic Management incursions and reduce the risk of incidents from confusion and late braking.

Feedback from the site team and our suppliers so far is very positive in terms of improved visibility, however there needs to be further development with regard to the manoeuvrability and durability of the illuminated signs.

A Working Group including representatives from Osborne are now working with Morelock to progress this product hopefully to the point of being compliant and approved by Highways England.