Osborne Gets Gold with Top Scoring Site

All that glitters can indeed be golden as Osborne has been bestowed gold honours from Network Rail, for its top scoring site at Axe Valley in Devon.

Osborne also scooped Silver for its work at Upper Kennington Lane in London where it’s in phase 2 of its works.

Route to Gold is a performance measurement initiative which aims to promote collaborative working behaviours, reduce costs caused by re-work and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry. Network Rail scores their supply chain on the quality of products delivered, on projects and the behaviours associated with these.

This is measured through information collated by the Network Rail Construction Managers.

Axe Valley Flood Mitigation project  has won the Top Scoring site.
The River Axe has been prone to flooding for some years, causing major disruption to our railway passengers. To reduce the risk the team successfully completed a nine-day blockade and handed back the possession 24 hours ahead of schedule without any safety incidents.

The team installed two 550 tonne culvert structures beneath the railway, track was removed, and the embankment was excavated to formation level, removing around 9000 tonnes of material.

Fourteen 40 tonne culvert sections were installed at two sites using 300 tonne cranes. This created two 40-metre-long structures with seven openings beneath the railway for flood water to pass under. Walkways and wingwalls were also installed and the embankment and track were reinstated.

Rebecca Wells, senior project manager, IP Wessex, said: “The works we have delivered provide a real long-term benefit for passengers and the local community. The collaborative team and our supply chain did a fantastic job and despite the challenging weather conditions, successfully delivered the works safely and on time.”