Osborne take part in “Quality Stand Down” on 8th November

Osborne are looking forward to celebrating World Quality Day on Thursday 8th November, by holding a “Quality Stand down”, across their business.

The day is designed to highlight the importance of quality in the workplace and its significant contribution to making businesses more sustainable.

Osborne is proud to be supporting World Quality Day 2018.  Quality is at the heart of everything they do and part of their core values.

They will be celebrating the role that they play to guarantee delivery of their promises to customers and stakeholders. Quality ‘Stand Down’ sessions will be arranged widely across the business including sites and offices.

During the ‘Stand Down’ conversations, they will capture ideas from their people. The aim is for everyone to engage and to discuss quality, so they can understand why its so important to the business and what it means for their customers.

Osborne will also take to capture ideas for how they can improve the quality of products and services they provide both in house and to external customers and stakeholders.