Today’s Solutions for a Better Tomorrow at Romsey

The Osborne team at the Romsey Road Bridge Project are working hard to ensure that sustainability is embedded in the culture of all that they do.  They recognise that resources are finite and must be used sustainably, and are endeavouring to provide solutions that protect and enhance our environment.

From recycled plastic roads to reptile rescue, their efforts are admirable…

After weeks of planning, they recently achieved the first big project milestone.  They demolished one deck of the dual-deck road bridge, leaving the remaining deck structurally sound and in use, and handed back the M27 Motorway below a significant 16 hours sooner than programmed.

The arisings from the demolished bridge are being crushed in the compound and will generate approximately 2000 tonnes of clean crushed concrete.  The material is all destined for re-use at Romsey and will provide all of the piling mats and haul roads.

When the second bridge is crushed next year, any material that is not absorbed in to the project will be sold to a local supplier.  Hence providing both carbon and cash savings and helping towards our sustainability targets.

Even before any works could take place the team undertook extensive surveys and careful relocation of several species of animals including:-

• 590 Slow Worms;
• 8 Grass Snakes;
• and 2 Adders.

Our specialist ecological partner “Naturally Wild” also performed a Snake rescue from a drain in a local school, took a sick Hedgehog to the sanctuary in the New Forest, and rescued numerous Voles, Wood-mice, Hedgehogs and other Mammals.  The team continue to monitor the local wildlife and have an on call ecologist should further advice or help be required.

The beams for the new bridge are now in fabrication at Severfield’s yard in Lostock, Bolton – who have a very impressive set-up with excellent control on Quality.

Well done and thank you for striving to use sustainable delivery solutions that will provide a better tomorrow.