Connecting Platforms at Solum Twickenham

Another significant milestone has been completed at our Solum Twickenham Project, thanks to the collaboration, teamwork and communication between Osborne teams and their supply chain partners.

After a year of crossing temporary stairs, passengers can now experience the first of the permanent improvements to the station. During a 52 hour line block, the team safely installed the final sections of the main staircases to link the new station building to the platforms.

Original stairs to the platform were demolished in the autumn of last year and a scaffold bridge was put up to link the platforms to the temporary ticket office. Prior to the recent line block, the first of the new stair sections were installed in short 3 hour line blocks over a series of nights.

During the line block, the tower cranes were used to lift the remaining elements into the platforms. The lift shafts had to fit into the scaffolding surrounding the building with only 300mm to spare on each side.

A particularly tight squeeze for a 9 tonne steel box requiring very careful communication between the crane operator and slinger! Well done all!