Osborne awarded Gold and Silver Sites Award

All that glitters can indeed be golden as Osborne has been bestowed gold honours from Network Rail, for its top scoring sites at two of its sites.

The gold sites were Feltham Platform extension and Axe Valley Flood Mitigation in Devon.

Osborne also scooped Silver for its work at Brookwood in Surrey subway repairs.

Route to Gold is a performance measurement initiative which aims to promote collaborative working behaviours, reduce costs caused by re-work and embed a culture of continuous improvement within the rail industry. Network Rail scores their supply chain on the quality of products delivered, on projects and the behaviours associated with these.

This is measured through information collated by the Network Rail Construction Managers.

The Feltham platform extension is a platform extension project to facilitate 10-car running. The level crossing at Feltham is one of the most dangerous and misused crossings because people and vehicles sometimes cross while a train is approaching, and barriers are being lowered.

Two footbridges are being demolished and the level crossing will be shut, works are due to be completed in November 2019. The team and residents have also been given the opportunity to visualise the new layout of the station, highlighting the risk elements of the work using a high-tech virtual reality headset. The team have faced many challenges so far since starting works in June this year, including time delays and many third-party interfaces.

Martin Ford, Senior Construction Manager, Network Rail said; “We have been working collaboratively and closely with our contractors together as one team and we all look out for one another. We also look after the team’s health and wellbeing on site; we had gym equipment donated on site to ensure people can take a break from work. The team have also received a Know Your Numbers health assessment and everyone that works on site receives CPR and defibrillator familiarisation training.”