War Memorial Unveiled

When asked to come up with a well-formed outcome during a STOP Think! session a few years ago, Osborne’s  Daren Norris was inspired to have a war memorial built in Watford High Street.

With no public funding available for the memorial, the idea was shelved until recently. Daren and members of the local community took matters into their own hands and decided the memorial would be built.

An offer Osborne to cover the cost of the memorial plaques (produced by supply chain partner Glendining Signs), saw the memorial finally come to fruition.

Around 100 people gathered to watch Daren unveil the memorial plaques earlier this month at a special Armistice 100 event on November 11th. The plaques revealed the 1429 names of Watford men who lost their lives during the First World War, including Daren’s great uncle, Fred Norris who was killed in action on 30th June 2018 aged just 22.

‘Thank you for inviting us to your wonderful Armistice event. I have to say it was truly inspiring and that is down to you. You have demonstrated what it is to be a great community champion, keeping the memory of all those who served our country alive.” Karen Collett, Deputy Mayor of Watford.

Thank you to Daren and the many people involved.