M27 Romsey Road Bridge Performance Award Winner

Many congratulations to the Osborne team at Romsey who have been awarded the Kier and Highways England Area 3 Supply Chain Community Award 2018 – Performance Award Winner, for demolition of the Road Bridge over the M27.

This is a fantastic achievement for everyone who was involved in the weekend which included a closure of the motorway.

The team received the award for their highly professional collaboration and communication.

Since the successful removal of the first bridge deck over the M27, the team at Romsey have been busily piecing together the new steel deck in their “factory clean” compound.

The beams are being fabricated at Severfield’s yard in Lostock, Bolton who have a very impressive set-up with excellent control on Quality – absolutely essential with 314 bolts per splice to align!

Earlier this year, the M27 motorway reopened 16 hours ahead of schedule. This followed a weekend closure of the M27 where Osborne, along side supply chain partners demolished the western half of the Romsey Road Bridge.

Feedback from Highways England included:  “We were pleased to say that the demolition of the western part of the Romsey Road Bridge was completed ahead of schedule, so the M27 opened earlier than expected.”

The next weekend closure, to install the new bridge deck, will be between 26 – 29 April 2019.

Well done to the whole team for all their efforts. The success of this project truly demonstrates the real benefits in working closely with supply chain partners and customers alike.