Supporting ‘Dry January’

Osborne are pledging to support ‘Dry January’ as we all welcome 2019.

Osborne will again be keeping their resolution to support ‘Dry January’ and is encouraging its people to start by signing up to Dry January for hints and tips along with downloading the AXA Health Gateway app to gain great health improvements such as losing weight, better sleep and more energy – as well as saving money!

The campaign, ‘Dry January’, aims to attract funding through donations, raise awareness of alcohol related problems and educate people about the health benefits of refraining from alcohol and millions of people sign up each year.

Osborne runs a Health and Wellbeing Calendar, which covers a different topic each month. This calendar also has link for employees to use and this features toolbox talks, videos and posters.

Osborne employees have use of a ‘Supporting You’ programme, which is free and confidential. They also have 70 Mental Health First Aider’s around the business who can be talked to in confidence.