Simpler and Cheaper Modular Car Parking

Last year, the total number of rail journeys grew from 371m to 438m. That’s an increase of around 18% on a network that was already busy. That striking statistic reinforces what you probably already knew, our rail network is busier than ever and predicted to become busier still.

It isn’t just the rail network that feels the strain of all those extra journeys. Many of those users also want somewhere convenient to park. Congestion around stations, as people try to find somewhere to park, is an issue in many town and city centres, and facilities at stations are often dated and inadequate.

The quality and availability of parking isn’t meeting the need. But expanding existing parking capacity (for example by converting surface level car parks to multi-storey) can be an expensive option.

It can take years before there is a return on the investment. And, of course, parking problems will probably be made worse in the short term while new parking capacity is being built.

Faced with these demands, Osborne has created a turnkey parking solution. Our metal framed modular car park offering includes a full design, build and maintenance service. It can be used to make an existing surface car park into twin-deck parking or to add an additional deck to a multi storey car with roof-top parking.

The structure sits on wide metal feet so there is normally no need to dig foundations or worry about underground services. This makes it quick to install at a fraction of the price of conventional car parking.

Being modular, the structure can be configured to fit any space. It is also easy to maintain. Repairs can normally be carried out by our teams in an isolated area without closing a whole deck or multiple spaces.

Osborne’s modular car parking solution can be installed as a permanent or semi-permanent car park. It can be used to create additional temporary parking while, for example, multi deck parking is being built elsewhere. When it’s no longer needed it can be easily dismantled and moved to a new location.

Modular car parking is a practical, affordable and easy solution to a range of temporary and permanent parking problems. We believe it’s the simplest way to bring additional parking on stream for however long you need it.