Strengthening team building skills with our trainees

This month, the Frederick’s place team welcome seventeen Osborne trainees to attend an insightful and fun-filled day of activities on our central London project.

Once inducted, the trainees were split into teams to compete against one another throughout the course of the day. Their abilities were tested in both their festive knowledge as well as their ability to fix plasterboard walls – thankfully, no correlation was found!

To round off a fantastic trainee day, we went for an evening meal. Thank you to all the trainees who participated, the Frederick’s Place project team for hosting, as well as Osborne Construction’s Director of Strategy and Communication Caroline Compton-James and Business Improvement Manager Andy Burrows, for their support in organising the day and for getting stuck in with the activities.

Andy Burrows said “As manager of our early careers in Construction, it was great to see Guy deliver a fantastic trainee workshop at Frederick’s Place! It was well organised, fun and informative. I would like to thank the project team for their support throughout the day. It was great to see the trainees really strengthening their team building skillsĀ over the practical plastering exercise followed by the celebration at our ususal annual festive dinner.”

Guy Clark, Graduate Surveyor