Upgrading the Toilets at Victoria Station

When our team were asked to upgrade the basement toilets at Victoria Station to “world class” to provide a better experience for their customers, they identified an opportunity to strip-out the existing toilets when the station would be less busy.

Several platforms were to be closed over the Christmas period for track upgrades so our teams pulled out all stops to complete surveys and planning to utilise this ideal period to minimise disruption at this busy station.

Temporary cabin toilets were installed and the strip-out activities completed with no incidents or accidents.  This was no mean feat with up to 4 layers of existing tiles and numerous old and redundant services!  All achieved whilst maintaining services to all other stakeholders at the station and keeping noise to an absolute minimum for visitors to the adjacent Grosvenor Hotel.

• 14 temporary cabins were successfully delivered and connected to provide temporary toilets for the public and welfare for our team.
• Over 3500 man hours of work were safely completed during the period.
• Approximately 460 cubic yards of waste was removed, including major items of plant such as boilers, sewage pumps, and water tanks.
• A conveyor system was used to get the waste out up the stairs to minimise manual handling.

Many thanks to all involved for your superb collaboration and professionalism to complete this strip-out ready for installation of the new station toilets – including suppliers Econ Construction, upgrading the toilets at Victoria Station.