ICE Thames Valley- Site Visit to M27 Romsey Road

‘The M27 Romsey Road bridge replacement scheme is attracting attention from far and wide.

The team were contacted by the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Thames Valley Graduate Student Apprentice (GSA) Scheme to arrange a visit for their graduates, the site known for it’s hospitality were eager to host the visitors and show them this innovative scheme that is embedded within the community.

Eight people came to site, keen to develop their knowledge and understanding of the project and bridge construction. Seven of our guests were part of the Kier graduate programme.

The visiting team informed us that they are working on multiple infrastructure projects including minor repair/refurbishment schemes, large survey works, structural reviews and feasibility studies

As well as taking them for a tour around site, we also gave an interactive presentation and the attendees worked in teams to answer questions. We made them estimate the cost of the project, the duration of the project along with many others, this brought some interesting answers to the table, while engaging the attendees.

Jack Cottrell, Osborne Graduate Engineer ,hosted the event and said: “It’s been a great opportunity for the site and our visitors to discuss the scheme and demonstrate all of the good practice that we are doing.  The group were really interested, asked pertinent questions and I believe that they thoroughly enjoyed utilising the virtual reality system that we set up, as it enabled them to easily visualise the end product.”

There were a lot of questions asked regarding the chosen methodology of works including the type of demolition/installation of the bridge including our use of SPMTs. (Self Propelled modular transport) along with discussing our current methodology of works.

We enjoyed the conversations that arose from the visit as well as the comparisons of alternative methodology considered at the feasibility stage. This enabled the attendees to develop their own understanding of the time vs cost vs risk advantages and disadvantages of the job.

Our visitors informed us that they learnt the fundamentals of why, when and how we are replacing the bridge, and the engineering decisions behind the methodology of the works.’

by Laura Harvey, Stakeholder Liaison Manager at Osborne.