Our industry offers a world of possibilities

“We work in an industry which is exciting and crying out to attract and retain young people for different roles who come from a variety of backgrounds.

Most people outside of our industry do not realise how exciting our industry is and how people within the industry are doing things and working on projects that perhaps they never thought were possible.

There are few jobs which allow you to stand in front of a structure and say –‘ I built that’ or ‘I made a difference to those peoples lives and connected a community by building that bridge or designing that school. ‘

Our industry needs a blend of skills and offers a development path for young people to really visualize their path into senior positions. The scale of opportunity, within the industry is enormous and unframed, which makes it exciting.

Its not just the construction side of a physical build, it’s also equally as important in the support side of the industry. There are lots of disciplines from IT to Human Resources that is needed within our industry. These roles are all there for the taking, even if people had never considered our industry as one they could work in.

We need to consider how our industry appears to people on the outside- what is the perception? Can people imagine themselves working in our world? If not, why not? It’s important that we do everything we can to encourage people from all backgrounds to join the industry.

There is a job in our industry for everyone- but we need to be shouting about these exciting roles so that people know it’s an option for them.

So if you see yourself designing the next skyscraper or project managing key national infrastructure delivery- there is a role for everyone!”

Mike Todd is the Lead Business Development Manager for Infrastructure at Osborne.