My Story So Far: Overcoming Personal Obstacles to be Successful

Before joining Osborne, I suffered from anxiety and found the transition from studying at University to the world of work difficult. When I first started I joined an established project team and although I had a degree, I had no on-site experience. I felt embarrassed to ask an operative about the work they were doing or why they were doing it as I thought this would show weakness and question my credibility as a site manager. However, I have found instead that every operative is so helpful and willing to go above and beyond to help me in my professional development.

As I am out on the site all the time I have learnt a huge amount already, not only about the construction industry but about myself as well. My confidence, both in and out of work has improved immensely. This has enhanced my relationships with our subcontractors and raising a question or challenging something has become second nature.

At Osborne, I have been given the opportunity and responsibility to take on tasks that I thought were beyond my capability. They have pushed me to develop new skills and have also supported me in areas that need improvement.

The training provided by Osborne is not just limited to site-based activities but also extends to courses outside of work, and these have helped make me a better-rounded individual. These courses have allowed me to gain a better understanding of various topics including mental health and first aid and to network with other like-minded professionals.

These skills have made a noticeable difference in my work and personal life and I looked forward to developing them even further.