Why does Collaboration and Partnership remain a challenge for our industry?

“It could be argued that construction companies who are in touch with the changes in the industry will be not only surviving but thriving when it comes to living and breathing the benefits of collaboration and partnership.

One of the ways we can think about this is by enlisting technology as a main player when it comes to collaboration and partnership.

That said, we know that technology, alone is not the answer. It really is down to how it is used to form partnerships and progress with collaborative working. We are now in a world where technology and data can be cost effective and can bring real financial benefits and real savings.

There are also the ongoing cultural and behavioral changes which need addressing within the industry and suggested that organisations able to ‘keep up’ with these moves will be the ones who thrive.

We need to remember that collaboration and successful partnerships, along with technology and innovation are key to our industry remaining economically and environmentally sustainable.

Encouraging and improving collaborative working in our industry has been a recurring theme years. I have spoken before about there being many improvements and the benefit of collaboration is now widely acknowledged in the industry and more projects are actually adopting collaborative working methods.

We need to keep it high on the agenda and we must ask ourselves- how can we continually improve collaboration in our industry?”

Mike Todd- Lead Business Development Manager-  Infrastructure.