Team Efforts help hit Feltham Milestones

At Feltham Station our team continue to hit important milestones, successfully completing another challenging weekend including removal of the cycle bridge and level crossing matting and Stage 2 of the signalling works.  The bridge was removed using the Kirow rail mounted crane, and loaded on to lorries for delivery to a Network Rail depot for future use.

Enormous thanks to Senior Site Manager Kenny Griffith for your hard work and meticulous planning to ensure another safe and successful weekend.

This milestone is s significant step in clearing the site for the new works to commence much to the delight of our customer;

“This was the third red ranked worksite at Feltham in only seven weeks, and the team have managed to deliver high standards on quality and safety throughout, despite needing to accommodate a number of methodology changes in the weeks leading up to the works.  A real team effort.”