Romsey Road Team go Bang!

1500 students got inspired with the Romsey Road Bridge team at the Big Bang event at the Ageas Bowl, recently.

Armed with the amazing Romsey Road Bridge virtual reality (VR) kit, some spaghetti and bags of marshmallows and a wealth of knowledge on STEM Henry Paveley, Megan Churcher and Laura Harvey eagerly arrived at the adjacent Hilton Hotel along with swarms of other businesses, education establishments the RAF, Army and cosmetic company Estee Lauder.

The team set up shop and spoke to the hordes of young people while they experienced the VR and tried to build the strongest bridges. The local secondary school students from the region asked pertinent questions about the scheme and about our roles within our industry.

Asked why the team wanted to attend the event Laura Harvey, Stakeholder Manager at Osborne, said;  “It’s imperative that we as an industry whet the appetites of young people and inform them of all the exciting paths that are available to them, it also enabled us to promote our scheme and build up interest for our next planned closure weekend.”