Giving peas a chance in Winchester

Osborne Property Services joined the reception class of Winnall Primary School to make windowsill light reflectors, with the aim of growing pea shoots.

This project links into our social value category of improving health and wellbeing for our residents by encouraging healthy lifestyles and good nutrition.

Supported by our colleagues at Winchester County Council, the class created plant reflectors and sowed peas which will grow in the next few weeks and the pea shoots will be eaten by the pupils.

The class had already learnt about growing plants earlier this year and so were aware of what it takes to look after the peas.

We are always keen to promote the environmental benefits of recycling, and encouraged the pupils to get involved by re-using takeaway cartons and cardboard boxes. They then went on to learn about recycling and put it into practice by sorting rubbish and labelling bins in the classroom.

Winnall Primary School said: “Thank you so much! The children really like the fact that they have a whole container each, so will take the reflectors home with them. We look forward to the next project with Osborne!”