Career progression is always a possibility

We have recently promoted a bricklayer to a supervisor at our contract in Slough, which shows how we develop and promote our people.

Ryan Smith began working with us a Sub Contractor, and from the start, we were really impressed with his work ethic.

He continued to work for us on a Sub Contractor basis, both as a Bricklayer and Wet Tradesman before transferring over to us as a full time employee.

In the run up to Christmas, we were trying to plan for the out of hours cover. Ryan was the only Operative to come forward and in preparation for this, he spent a week getting to grips with other maintenance tasks to ensure he was ready for any situation that could arise.

Throughout the Christmas period, Ryan coped with the workload extremely well and we were really impressed with his can-do attitude.

The position of Repairs Supervisor recently became available and Ryan applied. Michelle Davies, Account Director and Simon Holmes, Compliance Director, interviewed Ryan and were captivated with his attitude and knowledge. It was with no hesitation that he was offered the role which he accepted.

Since then, Ryan has adapted well to the change and has become a great addition to the team.

Congratulations Ryan!