Learning at Work Week 2019

Osborne are celebrating ‘Learning at Work Week’ – an annual event run nationally to build learning cultures at work. It aims to put a spotlight on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development. The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘Shaping the Future’. Throughout the week,  Osborne employees have been taking part in featured learning sessions, both virtually, face to face and through our Learning Management System, on topics such as Career Skills, Innovation, strategic thinking to name a few…

Sharon Njini, who heads up Learning and Development at Osborne said: “I was reminded this week, learning for me is all about curiosity, asking questions, trying something new, seeing how it goes, making tweaks and moving on with purpose. We can all learn something new every day and even when ‘Learning at Work’ week is over, we can continue sharing our knowledge and experience so we can continuously improve in all we do.”

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