Commendations for Collaborative actions to keep the Motorway Safe

When a deer strayed onto the live M27 Motorway our team at Romsey immediately stepped into action to ensure the safety of the public and help prevent a very nasty incident.

The Osborne team worked with the Highways England Traffic Officers (HETO’s) to implement a rolling road block on both carriageways.

The situation was managed safely and effectively, with no harm to anyone, including the deer, and minimal disruption to the travelling public.

The HETO’s were very complimentary on the efforts of the team as noted by our customer:-
“Well done for your excellent handling of the deer incident. You worked really well with the HETOs who put on the rolling road block. The HETOs were pleased with your quality of communication  which was highlighted to be extremely effective and helpful to all concerned…liaison with your team was excellent, so well done and thank you.”