Hollie Guard – Personal Safety App

During a weekly Safety Observation call, Karen Davies, Highways England’s Asset Delivery Manager, informed us of an extremely valuable presentation that she saw at the recent “Women in Construction Engineering” Summit.

The presenter described to the audience that her friend Hollie Gazzard, was tragically murdered after a year-long abusive and stalking relationship by her ex-partner.  The Hollie Gazzard Trust was set up and work commenced to help ensure this could not happen to anyone else, the result of which is the “Hollie Guard” App.

The Hollie Guard App, is a personal safety tracker that has many different features to provide enhanced levels of protection to suit your individual needs and lifestyle.

The Hollie Guard App is free to use and turns your mobile phone into a high tech personal security device.  It is simple to use and can alert your trusted friends and family if you are in danger, are working alone, or if you are late getting back from a journey.

• By simply registering your details and those of your trusted contacts, you can share your location, record and share audio and video of a situation – all with a simple shake of your phone.  An alert will then be sent to your contacts to advise them that you may be in danger.

• Should you wish to scare off a potential perpetrator you can shake your phone again to set off an ear piercing alarm and should you wish, a flashing strobe light to bring attention to yourself.

This information goes straight to your account so even if your phone is taken or damaged, the information is not lost. This is an invaluable innovation for personal safety that can be useful in so many different situations.  So why not let Hollie keep you safe? https://hollieguard.com/