Collaborative Planning Reduced Disruptive Work

Collaborative planning with our supply chain partners has reduced disruptive work from four weeks to less than three.

A bridge, on the B197 Nazeing New Road in Essex, is undergoing major refurbishment including construction of two new ballast walls, resurfacing, repainting and replacement of the bridge deck joint bearings.

A full 28-day closure, including weekends, was required to construct the ballast walls and carry out resurfacing.

This was going to cause significant disruption and disturbance to local residents, businesses and road users.  Following careful planning and preparation, the team was able to reduce this to 19 days, to meet the date of re-opening requested by the customer.

Although local residents and road users were still affected by the closure, they understood the necessity and appreciated the efforts made in reducing the impact of the work as much as possible.

The scheme has also extended the working life of the bridge by more than 50 years.