Supporting Silver Sunday in Winchester

Osborne supported the FirstBite ‘Silver Sunday’ event at the Winnall Community Centre recently.

The event was aimed at older residents in the local area to ease isolation, generate conversation and improve their overall wellbeing.
Guests were treated to a two course Sunday lunch, a table team quiz and a harpist playing music throughout the afternoon. There was even a sing-along after lunch and everyone joined in!
FirstBite uses surplus food from charities, food retailers, local growers and allotments to make healthy, nutritious meals for groups in the community.

We supported the event along with student volunteers from the Winchester Hub and Rick Stein’s Restaurant in Winchester. The majority of the food was sourced from FareShare, who distribute surplus food throughout Winchester.

Many local residents commented on the event saying: “Sunday is the loneliest day of the week for me, as it used to be a family day. I am thrilled to be here, have the opportunity to dress up and talk to people.”

Jo Fletcher, Head of Engagement said; “Seniors are the age group most prone to loneliness so the Silver Sunday’ lunch club is a fantastic way to bring people together.”