Andy Steele Osborne CEO Appointed Vice Chair of Build UK

Andy Steele, CEO at Osborne has been appointed as Vice Chair for Build UK.

Build UK is the leading representative organisation for the UK construction industry.

Steele says of his appointment; “The industry faces significant challenges and an urgent need to change. We cannot do this alone, so I believe that being part of Build UK, which represents 40% of the industry from customers, main contractors, specialist contractors and professionals, it now has the critical mass to engage through government to make a difference. At Build UK, we will focus on the big issues which include improving business performance; improving productivity as well as recruiting, training and retaining talent.”

Build UK focuses on key industry priorities that can deliver change and enable the construction supply chain to improve the efficiency and delivery of construction projects for the benefit of the UK economy.

Providing influential and dynamic leadership, Build UK ensures a joined up approach and presents a single voice for construction to industry stakeholders.