Supporting Slough Business Community Partnership

Osborne has been working with the Slough Business Community Partnership (SBCP) and recently attended their Annual Conference where the focus was on ‘Social Value.’

The Slough Business Community Partnership is a not for profit organisation that focuses on creating partnerships between the private, public and voluntary sector to benefit the communities of Slough. The partnership was formed in 2001 and has gone on to support over 60 community groups, benefitting over 10,000 local people.

Osborne Property Services have been proud members and supporters of the SBCP since commencing their repairs and maintenance contract with partners Slough Borough Council in December 2017.

The annual event was well attended with over 100 delegates from a spectrum of local businesses and community groups, who all share the same purpose – to build a stronger community. The agenda focused around how we can build social impact into the future for our next generation.

Delighted to join the panel debate, we were able to demonstrate that strong collaboration, communicating with partners and generating ideas bring together aligned synergy for a stronger tomorrow.

A spokesman for SBCP said: “Having Osborne Property Services as an SBCP member has added immense value. As a business their social value and impact in the community is very diverse and this was shown at the Q&A with Claire. Thank you for also donating promotional items for delegates goodie bags.”

We are looking forward to working with the SBCP in a variety of ways in months to come.