Raising Money for The Collett School

Osborne took part in a 5K inflatable obstacle course near St Albans, raising money for the Blue Tangerine Foundation.

The Foundation consists of St Luke’s School, the Forest House Education Centre and the Collett School and aims to raise money for children with special educational needs.

Both schools are attended by children from all over the area, with 50% of all pupils diagnosed with autism. Almost half of the children are under the care of Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The Osborne ‘Yes We Can’ team was made up of budding volunteers from both our Property Services and Infrastructure team, and had the challenge of completing the biggest inflatable obstacle course in the country. There were 15 mega sized obstacles, including: The Boss, The Web and The Crawler. All of the team completed the run and had a great time doing it.

Gillian Lawton from the Collett School popped into the Osborne Property Services Office in Hemel Hempstead recently to thank the ‘Yes We Can’ team and to collect the staggering £1,450 fundraising collection! The money will be used by the school for everyday things such as pens, paper and other essentials.

Gillian Lawton, Head of Engagement at the Collett School said: “This is an incredible amount, thank you – you are all real stars”.