Mock Interviews at Westgate School

Osborne recently took part in the Westgate School, Year 11 interview day. The aim of the day was to host mock interviews with a number of students, giving students both experience and exposure to the world of work.

Before the event, Osborne Property Services were sent each student’s CV, so we had the chance to review and make comments. In total, over 180 students took part in the day, and joined with other local businesses as well.

We met students and ran through a core competency style interview which included questions like “Give an example of a challenge you’ve had to overcome and how you went about it”. The aim of these questions is to break down the barriers or fears that young people have about interviews, giving them much needed confidence. The students were also asked to prepare some questions for us, which taught them good behaviours such as researching companies before an interview.

Feedback from the school was incredibly positive, saying: “We cannot thank you enough for your precious time and efforts. The students were buzzing after their interviews.”

We provided the school with feedback for all of the students we interviewed, which will be used for further career guidance.

Osborne Property Services are looking forward to working with Westgate School in the future and wish all the students we met the best in their career pathways.