Piling Method Redesign Success – Ickenham Station Step Free Access

The London Underground Accessibility Programme will deliver at least 22 new step-free stations by spring 2024, to make 38% of the Underground Step Free. The Programme aims to deliver the first 15 stations by spring 2020 and our teams are safely and efficiently progressing the Lot 1 Stations. The scheme at Ickenham Station includes the installation of a new walkway from the ticket hall leading to two new lift towers serving each platform.

When is an issue no longer an issue? When it’s resolved within 24 hours…

Our team working at Ickenham have been complimented by our customer for their 24 hour resolution of an unforeseen ground condition that required the piling methodology to be changed.

When our team struck ground water on a Thursday afternoon, by the end of the day a different methodology for the piling had been proposed. The very next morning this was passed to the geotechnical team for approval and the different pieces of kit organised. These were on site and in use by lunch time and less than 24 hours after the problem had arisen the team were piling again.

Our London Underground Project Manager commented;

“Last time I was aware of an issue like this occurring, it took a couple of weeks to resolve. This was a less than 24hour turn around between ourselves and Osborne between issue discovery, resolution and agreement to works continuing. I think this performance from everyone involved demonstrates the spirit of collaboration, trust and shared ownership of problems…”

Congratulations Team Ickenham! This sort of turnaround is quite unprecedented in London Underground and demonstrates how far our relationship has developed.