‘An Introduction to Climate Change and Carbon’ Workshop – A Great First Step to Zero Carbon!

Osborne brought together key suppliers from across our Infrastructure and Built Environment Business to participate in “An introduction to climate change and carbon” workshop and delivered by the Supply Chain Sustainability School.

Through an interactive quiz app and break out rooms for carbon foot printing exercises, the participants had the opportunity to:

  • Increase their awareness of the drivers for reducing carbon,
  • Explain what a carbon footprint is,
  • Commence estimating where carbon hotspots exist with their organisations,
  • Identify sources of data in their organisation and potential areas for carbon reduction.

Participants were also briefed on how the government strategy is translated into specific targets along with the KPI’s in place within our own framework contracts with key customers and our strategy to reduce our carbon emissions. Emphasis was placed on measures to support each other on this journey through active engagement with the supply chain sustainability school (learning pathways/use of the carbon reporting tool) and the increasing adoption of our Improvement Opportunity (IO) App to capture ideas and learning.

A big thank you to the Supply Chain Sustainability School for delivering this thought-provoking workshop. More information and learning content can be found at the school’s website at www.supplychainschool.co.uk/learn