Virtual Vitality

Social value is more important than ever as we look at the impact of Covid-19.  Priorities are shifting within communities as unemployment rises and career pathways clouded.

We’ve adapted our way of working to ensure that we can deliver our ‘Personel Development for Employment’ course online, identifying individual strengths, offering career advice and support for our local community.

As a direct response to Covid, we have adopted new ways of working to ensure that we can still reach people and support them through this journey, at a time when some are experiencing additional pressures of isolation. With an inspiring and determined team of community partners, we have made the changes necessary to deliver an interactive programme which can be delivered via Zoom, reaching learners in their homes.  The course is designed to explore delegates strengths and knowledge, linking them with experience to employment opportunities.  We then look to develop a personal action plan for employment and support with job search, interview skills and CV building, advice and guidance and progression to further learning and into work.

The course duration is four weeks in length where learners log-on to our virtual interactive classroom environment.  Technology has enabled us to easily interact, listen to others views and opinions as well as to share experiences, to further enhance individual development.  One true advantage with using Zoom is being able to connect in person – this interaction has proved invaluable during the national lock down.

We are delighted to have secured two learners into volunteering placements, we have supported two further learners with interviews and for one individual, he has gained the confidence to leave his house for the first time in a very long time.

Below are a few testimonials from some of the learners that attended.

‘Very thorough and enlightening to sharpen every learning skill required for future employment; well-coached encouragement fulfilled every single aspect of applying for a job – envisaging and being ready for interview and feel 100% capable for being in post!’.

‘My confidence improved day by day as I began to apply what I was learning to pursue the best ways forward for the employment and volunteering opportunities I am aiming for’.

‘Exceeded my expectations – had a bit of everything which other courses have remained very work orientated. It was actually great over zoom worked very well a first for me. Excellent mentoring and interaction with colleagues on course’.

Jo Fletcher, Head of Engagement commented:-
“Taking our course from the classroom to virtual has proved incredibly successful.  The desire to learn comes from the individual but the environment plays a very important part so we knew it was important to get it right.  With the use of Zoom, we have been able to create a fantastic online classroom where inclusion and interaction means learners still feel part of the team. “

Claire Giacobbe, Community Investment Manager and Bep Dhaliwal, Thrive, Course Partner with a focus on personal resilience, have made a very visible and impactful difference to their learners and their career opportunities.