Virtual Giving in Slough

Colleagues and partners at offices in Slough have joined the Virtual Giving Tree for local charity Hestia.

Osborne and Slough Borough Council work in partnership to provide a wide range of services to over 7,000 homes including repairs, compliance, voids and caretaking with a commitment to supporting the local community.

Hestia, a charity which supports adults and children in crisis, including mental health and complex needs, modern day slavery response and domestic abuse refuge.

In the last twelve months, staff from Osborne and partner Slough Borough Council have supported clients a series of events including; inviting Hestia clients to join our Personal Development for Employment Course. Throughout October and November we have coached two women back into full time employment, working with partner Smart Works to gain donations of work clothing.
Prior to Covid-19 we have also helped to transform the lives of many people who are supported by the charity by organizing work experience in our offices with the aim of building confidence and supporting clients to return to the workplace. This has proved immensely powerful and remains a key aim for us moving forward. We also helped to move a domestic abuse victim into a new home, with the victim saying: “Thank you Osborne, without your help I couldn’t have done it. The day you helped to move me was my son’s fourth Birthday and it was the best present he had moving into a new and safe home.”

This month colleagues have had the opportunity to donate a gift to a disadvantaged family by selecting a Christmas present from their Amazon Wish List. The gift is then sent to the Charity in Slough where dedicated staff will arrange a personal visit to each of the families for them to receive their very own gift. We have worked with, Slough Business Community Partnership, KP Snacks and Bell Group who also support the campaign this Christmas.

Vicky Fordham-Lewis, Managing Director, Osborne Property Services said; “Donating a gift this Christmas to a family of Hestia will make such a difference. We are very pleased to be supporting Hestia to make this Christmas a little special for these families.”