Osborne Gets Stripes4Stripey

Osborne supported their Charity of the Year with their teams dressed up in stripes to join the annual campaign, Stripes4Stripey.

Baby Bank Charity, Stripey Stork based in Reigate, provide local families in need with unwanted or new items of clothes, toys, and accessories. Through the simple gift of recycling, volunteers lovingly check and pack the bundles for specific age groups, for them to enjoy. The added impact of Covid-19 has hit many families very hard with child poverty on the increase across the borough. Thankfully with the support of donations, funding and their dedicated volunteers, Stripey have offered relief to 2,185 families during this time with essential supplies.

On 17th June, our people rummaged through their wardrobes, pulled out their best or only stripes in support of the Stripes4Stripey campaign, with the aim to raise awareness and funds for the much-needed charity. From socks to masks, and almost everything in between, our people, whether in an office, on site or working from home, shared their stripes for Stripey.

We look forward to continuing our support with Stripey Stork throughout 2021 with their up-and-coming fundraising events!